Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Little Spinning

Just a sample of more to come. Today was a relaxing day. First time I tried out the wheel. (Oh, she needs a name.) The picture is not too good, neither is the spinning, but it will come with more practice. I just love it to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!


tonni said...

YEAH!! Can't wait to see your wheel in person at ROC day gathering! From what I can see, she looks pretty :)

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Not only is she PURDY.....but she spins great too!!!!! (I got to run by yesterday and spin a bit)!!! LUCKY ME!!!!

It amazes me that they all have a different "feel" to them....hmmm...wonder if when we all meet up to spin if I should bring a timer and when the alarm goes off, we all shift a seat so we can all try each other's wheels!! LOL!!!

It is BEAUTIFUL Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!

Bibby said...

Mater - your wheel is beautiful!!! So glad you finally are able to use it. Know it must have killed you to have it there & not be able to spin. Can't wait to see it up close & personal. Darlene, would that be like musical chairs except with wheels? Sounds like a good idea actually.

Sharly said...

Hi Cindy! Hope you are enjoying your wheel! And, I wanted to commend you on your restraint for waiting!

Have a great New Year!