Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Alabama Knitter's Ornament Swap

My package came today from the "beloved mail man". What a great box of goodies. I had already tore into the box and was wolfing down some wonderful chocolates when I suddenly thought, I didn't make a picture to put on my blog. See that cute little round box? It DID have
some chocolate in it. It was soooo good!!!!!!! Also inside are some teas, coffee, hot chocolate, a Christmas mug and my favorite, a pack of Swankie hankies (love the name). I'm always needing a tissue in church. Now I have my very own Christmas designer tissues. I had completely forgot about the ornament because I was so excited about the chocolate. She said in her note that the ornament was coming later. Wanted me to have the goodies while they were fresh. Thanks so much CSW-Alabama Knitter. I truely
loved it.
I'll be posting later this week. Got to go now, I hear the wiener dog in the Christmas tree. I'm going to kill him

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Thanksgiving, a day to be thankful for our many blessings. I love this day because it reminds me of what I am so very thankful for. A wonderful loving family, friendships that I cherish and a merciful God that loves me.

We celebrated Thanksgiving Day with my beautiful daughter Heather and her husband Mike at their house with Mike's family. We have been doing this for the past 5 years. We love Mike's family very much and enjoy seeing them each year.

Heather and her dad. Aren't they cute?

Annie and Samantha watching Snow White. They had rather watch movies than eat.

How many people does it take to carve a turkey?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day Celebration - Hewitt Trussville Middle School

I'm especially proud of this veteran. This is my husband John Cole. He was one of the key note speakers at the Hewitt Trussville Middle School Anual Veterans Day Celebration on Friday. He served with the First Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam as an infantryman from January 1968 to December 1968. During his tour of duty in Vietnam he made over 50 combat air assaults and participated in five major campaigns. At the Battle of Hue his unit was awarded the "Presidential Unit Citation", the highest unit decoration awarded in the military, and was the subject of a book titled "The Lost Battalion". His awards and decorations include the Combat Infantryman's Badge, three Purple Hearts, Bronze Star Medal, Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal with "V" device, vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm, Vietnam Service Medal with Silver Star and the Presidential Unit Citation.

He was asked to speak at this years celebration because our daughter did her "Interview a Veteran" paper last year in the 7th grade on her dad which included the book "The Lost Battalion".

Veterans Day

I would like to take time to give honor to all the veterans who fought and died for this country that I live in. I cannot express the appreciation enough that I have for their dedication and noble service. God bless each and every veteran from the bottom of my heart.

A fact that you might find interesting:

If you took the American Flag and applied all the men and women that have died for this country from the Revolutionary War to today, to the 50 stars, they would represent over 26,000 for each star.

Think of this the next time you say the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag.


Yarn Cake, that it. I rolled some yarn cakes today. From left; Tapestry (Sunshine Yarn), Rooster Rocks (Blue Moon), Little Bunny Foo Foo (Blue Moon), Sea Turtle (Sunshine Yarn), and Back to School (Shopies Toes). Aren't they purty. I'd probably guess I've got about 30 more to roll.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yes, The UPS Man Came.......

Yes, my Spinning Wheel came this week.

Husband: Don't open that box, it's your Christmas.

Me: Well, I need to open it because there is a tear in the box and I need to make sure it's ok.

Husband: It's ok, and they will make it right if we find out something is wrong.

Me: I don't think so, we need to open it to make sure.

Husband: You are not going to open that box.

Me: Pout

Here is some yarn that also came from Sophie's Toes. It's called Back to School. The picture doesn't do it justice. Should I open that box? Hum?
Husband went out of town on a golf trip for the weekend. My daughter and I went out to eat last night and and then to Target to buy a bird feeder since the garden is so bare. Something to do, to keep me busy. I haven't seen a freaking bird on that feeder all day!!! Sure would like to open that box?

Cleaned out the secretary in my bedroom. Threw four garbage bag away of papers and junk. I didn't realize a piece of furniture could hold this much.

What to do? What to do?

Hell, I'm going to open that box.
OH MY!!!!!!!!! It's beautiful... What else can I say.
I didn't take it out, I just ran my hand down the side where the tear was just to make sure everything was ok.

Daughter: Momma! (Caught in the act) You are not suppose to open that box. Shhhh, don't tell daddy. I sure hope he don't read my blog. I got to go tape it back up now.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Check this Baby Out

This is my new wheel I ordered yesterday. It's the Kromski Minstrel. I'm getting the Mahogany color. I love it, love it, love it. I'm so excited I could just spit.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Hail, Hail the Gangs All Here

Top: Laura, Bibby, Darlene, Cindy, Bottom: Toni & Marie. We made to SAFF. We all had such a wonderful time. Can't wait till next year.

Oh what a Sight to Behold!

The the doors opened, we heard angels singing. I have never seen so much yarn in one place. Where do we begin...............?
Darlene, Laura & Toni getting ready to spin some time together.

Angora Rabbit

I so wanted to take him home with me.
Now that's a sheep

Loved This Hair Do

Marie, Darlene, Cindy, Toni & Laura

This Guy Loved Laura

Can I take you home with me?

Spinning 101

How would like to shear this guy?

Waiting on my turn to strut my stuff

These are pretty impressive animals. They had a Llama and Sheep show while we were there.
Cinderalla in her sweater after her cut.
After shearing
Hold still baby girl, we are almost done.

Cinderella, It's time for a Hair Cut

This is my new friend Cinderella before the shearing.

Decisions, Decisions?

Which one(s) do I need, want, got to have. Oh, I'll just take them all!

Gimmie A Little Sugar

Toni getting some sugar.

Marie getting some sugar!

Loved this man!

What a stately animal. They know they look good.

What a Haul

Oh No, are we going to have to rent another car!

We were pooped after this class... I need a drink!

Basket Weaving 101