Thursday, February 7, 2008

Searching for something to spin

I ran out of roving...didn't have anything to spin...what do I do? Rummaging through all the stash like a mad woman... hot dog, found some pencil roving I had bought several years ago that I forgot about when I was doing felting. Spun that baby up. Ain't it purdy?

Then friend walks in. Oh what a friend! Not because she furnishes me with the most gorgeous gifts but because she is the most thoughtful, most wonderful person on this planet. Anyway look what she gave me. The perfect bag (this may be the best one I have so far), some roving from FatCatKnits, (needed this) a magic yarn ball from Emily Parson's Sophie's Toe (needed this too) and a cute little sock bag that is not seasonal (she got tired of seeing me carry a Halloween and Christmas sock bag; so I diffently needed this). Thanks friend!!!!!!! I Love You!!!!!!!!!


Bibby said...

Your pencil roving spun up really nice!!! Or, should I spun up the pencil roving very nicely!!! It's always such a find when you run across something you forgot you had....
WOW, "friend" really fixed you up girl!!! What awesome goodies!!!

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said... know I love you!!!!
Not many women can claim to have such wonderful friends....I'm the lucky one indeed!!!!

LOVE, LOVE the yarn!!!

Suzanne B said...

The spun yarn looks stunning!!

Isn't it great to have wonderful friends that know how to make your day!!