Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yes, The UPS Man Came.......

Yes, my Spinning Wheel came this week.

Husband: Don't open that box, it's your Christmas.

Me: Well, I need to open it because there is a tear in the box and I need to make sure it's ok.

Husband: It's ok, and they will make it right if we find out something is wrong.

Me: I don't think so, we need to open it to make sure.

Husband: You are not going to open that box.

Me: Pout

Here is some yarn that also came from Sophie's Toes. It's called Back to School. The picture doesn't do it justice. Should I open that box? Hum?
Husband went out of town on a golf trip for the weekend. My daughter and I went out to eat last night and and then to Target to buy a bird feeder since the garden is so bare. Something to do, to keep me busy. I haven't seen a freaking bird on that feeder all day!!! Sure would like to open that box?

Cleaned out the secretary in my bedroom. Threw four garbage bag away of papers and junk. I didn't realize a piece of furniture could hold this much.

What to do? What to do?

Hell, I'm going to open that box.
OH MY!!!!!!!!! It's beautiful... What else can I say.
I didn't take it out, I just ran my hand down the side where the tear was just to make sure everything was ok.

Daughter: Momma! (Caught in the act) You are not suppose to open that box. Shhhh, don't tell daddy. I sure hope he don't read my blog. I got to go tape it back up now.


Suzanne B said...

You better hope he doesn't read your blog...

I couldn't have resisted either. I mean you had to make sure it was ok.

Daily Fiber said...

You had better give Annie some bling to keep your secret!!!

I wouldn't have any respect for you if you didn't snoop just a little......for I am the world's greatest snoop!!!

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

OMG....LOVE IT!!!!!!!! The visuals are too funny!!! I wouldn't have been able to stand it either!!!

And really, you H.A.D. to be sure that all was O.K. on the inside of the box!!! How sad if you woke up on Christmas morning to a spinning wheel with a broken part...oh most DEFINITELY did the right thing by checking!!! LOL!!!

tonni said...

Hmmm... i told my hubby that if my wheel came in before Christmas, I wouldn't have anything under the tree... NO WAITING for me! I'm just not as strong as you...