Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Alabama Knitter's Ornament Swap

My package came today from the "beloved mail man". What a great box of goodies. I had already tore into the box and was wolfing down some wonderful chocolates when I suddenly thought, I didn't make a picture to put on my blog. See that cute little round box? It DID have
some chocolate in it. It was soooo good!!!!!!! Also inside are some teas, coffee, hot chocolate, a Christmas mug and my favorite, a pack of Swankie hankies (love the name). I'm always needing a tissue in church. Now I have my very own Christmas designer tissues. I had completely forgot about the ornament because I was so excited about the chocolate. She said in her note that the ornament was coming later. Wanted me to have the goodies while they were fresh. Thanks so much CSW-Alabama Knitter. I truely
loved it.
I'll be posting later this week. Got to go now, I hear the wiener dog in the Christmas tree. I'm going to kill him


Bubblesknits said...

LOL My cats keep getting in our tree. Although, better them than the mice. *shudder*

Great package! I still haven't gotten mine out. Hopefully by next week?

CSW said...

Hi Cindy!! I was tickled pink to see you posted about your goodies!! I hope to have your ornament in the mail on Saturday!! It's all done - just waiting for me to package it up and send it out. I hope you'll like it!!!

Daily Fiber said...

What a great package & how thoughtful to send parishables ahead of time!!!
I need to get on the ball with mine.....